The blossoming of the snowdrop  at Welford Park tells us that winter is slowly transforming into spring. Hence, the snowdrop symbolizes hope. It is the hope that the harsh winter will be over soon and warmth will come into our lives. Snowdrops also express sympathy, purity, optimism, and virtue. 


Bell At Boxford invites you to  celebrate those blossoming days with  the Snowdrops Specials ! We're less than  a Mile away !  




full_english_breakfast.jpeg_1578667347    English Breakfast Special  £10



Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Tomato, Hash Brown, Mushrooms &Beans      £7.00 


Toasts &Preserves    £2.50


Tea or Coffee     £2.50


Selection of Cereals &Orange Juice    £3.50



soup.jpg_1578672748roast.jpg_1578672748classic_cornish_pasty_67037_16x9.jpg_1578672748pizza.jpg_1578672748    Lunch Specials



Roast of the Day Seasonal  Vegetables, Roast Potatoes & Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy   £12.95


Mug &Pasty  Home-made "Soupe Du Jour" with a Pasty   £7.95


Jacket Potato Cheese n Onion / Cheese n Tomato / Sausage n Beans   £7.95  

Cheese n Prawn + £2.50


Large Pizza  Pepperoni, Four Cheese, Manhattan Meaty or Chicken &Bacon    £11.99


Chocolate Fudge Cake   £4.00